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The Government of Kerala has taken pioneering effort to bring about a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst its youth. For the first time in the nation, the State had announced the landmark “Student Entrepreneurship Policy” and kept aside 1% of the budget to promote young entrepreneurs. To promote Entrepreneurship and to create an enabling policy framework for the same, the state now plans to bring all these programs under one umbrella and will with a “startup and innovation policy”. In the view of above Kerala startup Mission formerly (Technopark Technology Business Incubation) has been elevated as the nodal agency for implementing the entrepreneurship and innovation related projects of the state government, one such programme is the Startup Boot Camp..The Government of Kerala has created the “Startup Boot camp” Program wherein it is envisaged to create a startup ecosystem in each and every college campus through active involvement of students. Boot camp is a student-focused program that will be completely run by students.

As part of promoting the entrepreneurship culture among students, the St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai (SJCET PALAI), in association with Startup Village and the Kerala Startup Mission, has decided to set up a Startup Boot Camp at the college. The “Boot Camp” inauguration function organized by our college on the 9th of march, 2015. Mr. Sreerag Dileep, the Manager of Start-Up Village gave the inaugural speech wherein he spoke about the details and overview of the boot camp.

Mr. Amarnath Sankar gave a talk about the topic “Lets get incubated’ in which he shared his experience as an entrepreneur and how he overcame all the difficult times.


Workshop on Introduction to Creative Engineering Design - 22nd & 23rd March 2017

The Innovation Entrepreneurship and Development Cell (SJCET Startup Bootcamp) functioning at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering & Technology, Palai hosting a Two day Workshop on Introduction to Creative Engineering Design on 22nd and 23rd of March 2017 in association with Kerala startup mission (KSUM).

Activity topics are:

1) Identify the need and define the problem

2) Conduct background research, such as an idea web, internet patent search, standards and codes search, reverse engineering, and user interviews

3) Brainstorm and develop ideas and possible solutions

4) Evaluate alternatives and perform design analysis

5) Construct and test paper prototypes

6) Discuss evaluation and manufacturing final products.

Learning Objectives

Post the workshop, students should be able to present a paper prototype of have designed a product or a system by having a good grasp of the six steps of engineering design process.

External Participants: Max 20 Students (2 from a college) and the registration will be on First Come First Serve basis

Internal Participanst : Max 20 Students


Oracle Academy Virtual Student Day - March 24

Internal Participants Only

Oracle Academy is organizing a virtual student day on March 24. ICT Academy of Kerala is coordinating the event in Kerala. The event provides students a unique opportunity to know about topics like Big Data, Cloud Computing & Internet of Things, and career options in the field of Computer Science.

Students need to enroll into Oracle’s online platform which provides a virtual environment where students can walk into exhibition halls, webinar sessions and other locations. Hope the final year or pre-final year students will get more benefit out of this program. The event is open for 4 hours from 10 am to 2 pm on March 24. Students need to login individually to get full advantage of the programme.

Lets Get Your Dreams Incubated

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